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An Ugly Grip on the Splendid Earth

6 Duben 2010 15 Comments


Last week as I tuned to BBC, the twin suicide bombings targeting Moscow Metro was splashing all over the television screen. I’m sure people around the world would have sat glued to their television sets as these images were repeatedly aired and news papers carried new of this horrific incident. For me, emotions of all genre came rushing forth to my head. Mostly it was grief and anger. Grief, because innocent people lost their lives. Anger, because the perpetrators do not value human life. As I was experiencing all these emotions, I realized that one of my friends was in Moscow. I was worried for her well-being. I was glad to learn of her safety when I contacted her. She said she was on another metro line when this happened.


I’m sure all of you would agree that this is not the first time you would have heard of a terrorist attack. Terrorists have targeted other major cities in the past. But what is baffling is the regularity in which this is happening. Bombs are going off everywhere almost everyday.


Today we live in a world where we are of the notion that such things happen only in the Middle-east, the Arab countries, Afghanistan or Iraq. How wrong we are! Yes, it can be said that the roots of terrorism arises from these parts of the world, but the truth is it has spread its wings and it has gripped the entire world and it is smothering everyone with fear.


When I’m travelling in Europe, mostly in Czech Republic, my friends always want to know about the world I come from. Is India a safe place to live in? Now, how do I answer this question? How can I convince them that it is a safe place?


When I tell my friends about my desire to volunteer in Africa, immediately I’m asked, “Why do you want to go there? Isn’t it a dangerous place?” When I express the same desire about me wanting to go to South America, I’m asked the same question, “Why do you want to go there? Isn’t it a dangerous place?” Sometimes these questions bother me. How can my friends be so ignorant or even arrogant? But the truth is I understand why my friends ask these questions. They have not experienced anything like this. They largely live in a peaceful country. But they are overfed with news about dangers of the Middle-east or Africa. But today we need to ask ourselves “Are these ‘safe countries’ really safe?”


The United States is, today, the most vulnerable country in the world, being a target for almost all terrorist networks in the world. The London underground bombings, the Madrid bombings and now the twin suicide attacks in Moscow indicate that no place is safe.


Terrorism has gripped this beautiful world and it’s choking everyone with fear and death, mistrust and hatred.


In the aftermath of 9/11, Islamic fundamentalism came under fire from all quarters. Every muslim was seen as a terrorist leading to the famous but clichéd term “All muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims”. This was unfair and I thought it was arrogance in the part of western society. I come from a country where 180 million people are muslims and I can vouch with my whole heart that not all muslims are not terrorists. They are like you and me struggling against the challenges of life.


My attitude changed one day when I watched with horror when news channels all across India showed live coverage of the terrorist attack in the city of Bombay (now Mumbai). The city was under siege. Ten terrorists had come on small boats by sea from Pakistan and had landed in Bombay with sophisticated weapons. Their target was mostly foreign tourist in India’s two most luxurious hotels, a Jewish centre, a famous pub, and the main train station. Terrorist went on spraying bullets like they were distributing candy at a Christmas party. Blood and bodies everywhere. People were held hostage at one of the heritage hotels. After a 60 hour long gun battle, the National Security Guards were able to kill nine terrorist and capture one alive. The image of India was tarnished around the world. Foreign embassies in India started giving travel advisory, meaning India is not a safe place to visit.


I was angry. I wanted India to go to war with Pakistan immediately. When I came to my senses I realized how quickly opinions can change. Here I’m, a lover of peace, and now I want to go to war. This is a dangerous thought. This can lead to hatred among nations, among people and culture.


Terrorism is a global virus. It is the responsibility of the global community to find a vaccine for this menace and destroy its roots. Destroy it with love and understanding not with guns. Violence only leads to more violence. We are humans. What separates us from animals is our ability for rational thinking. Why can’t we be rational? We have one short life. Let us love and live together in harmony.


Peace to all.


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  • editor napsal/a:

    Everedyday the news are full of Danger, Terrorism, Bad News, Murders. This is actual trend of thinking – why the media don’t informs about what’s good? Why are your friends good, why people smile?
    The world doesn’t like optimism.
    Why we "understand" terrorism? Why people so much control the others if they’re not dangerous and then they become dangerous theirselves….
    I hope that the future won’t reflect these trends…!

  • marko napsal/a:

    There’s no place where to hide! I’m afraid that the world is worse and worse!

    When I read here as also in other countries this phenomenon is occuring – oh..!
    Terrorists are anywhere now… and violence – Africa, your country, my country… why we haven’t changed it earlier?

  • John Alfred (author) napsal/a:

    Yes, that’s a good question. Why didn’t we change it earlier? Why did we let it grow. I think all of us should be blamed one way or another because we didn’t speak out. We didn’t speak out LOUD.

  • Haire napsal/a:

    That’s the way people are, its how people think its the greed and lust, wants of people the seven sins that’s really the cause of all this.

  • Nike napsal/a:

    Highly educational and very helpful post. Yes, our world is really „splendid“! I must think more about it… Thanks for sharing.

  • Peter Attr. napsal/a:

    It’s really nice. I love the image with the hands forming something like a symbol.

  • Brilons napsal/a:

    When I read here as also in other countries this phenomenon is occuring.I hope that the future won’t reflect these trends.

  • Soadie napsal/a:

    I might say that we have a wonderful earth to live with but yet humans are destroying it. Too many killings, sufferings which are also caused by humans. Lets STOP ugly things.

  • editor napsal/a:

    [b]@ Peter Attr.[/b]:

    it’s not only "something" like a symbol ;)

  • Leane napsal/a:

    Why does there are people who dont know how to value life?Killing innocent people.It really makes me sad to hear things like this.How I wish all of the people in this earth will just respect and love one another.Nice Post!It’s very informative.

  • Antonia napsal/a:

    Cool images.. Love it so much,,, same goes for the post,,

  • tracy forr napsal/a:

    Astonishingly good many thanks, world must be saved!!

  • mat napsal/a:

    The evolution of the kitchen is linked to the invention of the cooking range or stove and the development of water infrastructure capable of supplying water to private homes.

  • kaagra napsal/a:

    If only th Earth were splendid…

  • Ochse napsal/a:

    Interesting post, I see now, what is your point. Thank you for pushing that into my mind!

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