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Don’t believe, when your men say of course

22 Březen 2010 10 Comments


It was a beautiful sunny day. I spent my holiday in Croatia. One group of young people came to my husband and me. We spoke about any things. I didn’t remember exactly, because of their beautiful accent. -What a lovely language! – I told my husband, when we stayed alone.

I fall in love! Yes, of course, it must be lovely language, because Sophie Loren also speaks Italian! I love Italian! When we come back to the Prague, I will start to learn Italian.

-Well, why do you want to learn Italian? It will be better to speak Spanish. They are very similar languages. More people speak Spanish. It will be better for you. – Told me husband.

-Are you sure? – I asked him.-Yes, of course! – Sometime every man use words OF COURSE with very specific accent. Women don’t hear always this accent. 

I really enjoyed my first lesson of a new language, of course Spanish. My first lesson was wonderful. I sat on my bum with open mouth. I looked at my teacher and I thought online casino :-Isn’t he saucerman?-  As for me, var Zapatec = false;InstitutionType District alpine school district alpine school district – LAUSD Other StateFirst NameLast NameTitlePhoneEmailMessage var jQuery110 = $. both languages are online casino different perhaps with  common grandmother.

After my little shock I recognize flamenco casino online music and other specific. I like this language. It is a little bit difficult for me. My teacher asked to someone: -¿Qué haces?-

-What a lovely! All students will go for coffee today! – I thought. Sorry my dear Sophie, but did you see Cayetano Rivera? I hope you are not too angry. Our lesson finished, nobody told about our café.

-And what about our café? – I asked. My class- mates looked at me strange. They thought what fun is it. I was going home alone. I love traveling by metro. It helps me clean my brain. It happened, now. My brain was completely clean. -Oh, my dear! My teacher didn’t ask for a coffee, but what are you doing? It sounded so similar in my ears.-


Thomas Hawk © flickr.com

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  • maria napsal/a:

    Of Course! :) wish the men got change… their mind!

  • editor napsal/a:

    Powerful flow of words!
    wish too!

  • marry anne napsal/a:

    You must be powerful woman.
    Funny style.

  • Gasad napsal/a:

    Great Blog! Will visit again

  • Gasad napsal/a:

    Thank you for the information, keep up the good work

  • Gasad napsal/a:

    Excellent post, thanks.

  • Celerr napsal/a:

    Just the information I was looking for, thank you

  • Gasad napsal/a:

    Very interesting, will visit again

  • Gasad napsal/a:

    That was very informative. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • görüntülü sohbet napsal/a:

    Wilf looks like fun.

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