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In My Head

22 Říjen 2010 3 Comments

Journey into the uttermost concealed segment of this eccentric mindset of mine.

Surrounded by a cicle of the magnificent red carnation bush, there stands smugly an ice scuplture, designed for the sole purpose of representing me. It is of my life and I find it freshly twinkling amongst the stars in the night sky. I look around… and that’s when I become conscious of it. I’m surrounded in obscurity.

I ponder of the coming conclusion; find that given at any moment, darkness will prevail. The night transforms to morning, where the grey clouds begin lingering into what was the previous night sky. It then quickens, fast forwards, entering all at once – swarms of the dark mist fogs up my vision. They act ominously; bringing with them a whirlpool, an abyss that I find has become one with my body.

A chilly feeling of alienation runs through my spine as goosebumps form sparks upon my skin; almost immediately, moutainous regions arise. But I cannot see. I can only feel. I am a prisoner to the empty void of darkness in my mind.
I’m fighting to escape but my muscles grow tired. The fatigue devours my bones. As I near the surrendering point, my body surprises me. All at once, my mind, my heart and my soul together shine.

In the midst of darkness, I am the star. 


Suzuki Limbu ©2010

moon and venus
Bernt Rostad © flickr.com

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3 komentářů »

  • Marie Anne napsal/a:

    The stars. The power of light. The light of power.
    I am the star.
    The sky does understand.

  • grape napsal/a:

    Dear Suzuki,
    your images of night in comparison with life and the perspectives I admire most! The star at the end – great!

  • editor napsal/a:

    great poetry in prose

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