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20 Červen 2010 6 Comments

Picture (c) www.nepal-pictures.com [Khokana, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal]

Nepal has thrived on the little resources in its isolation from the world. No one takes notice because there’s always a poorer country, or a place with bigger problems. But as we fail to acknowledge and provide Nepal with the smallest helping hand, we do not realize that these problems will grow as a cancerous tumour in the body of the Earth and it is only when it’s too late to save that we will finally dust the haze from our eyes and notice that Nepal needed help too.

What can you see in this picture?

Most see a village, a poor village. They are not too poor because they have clothes but the roads aren’t made proper and the houses are old. The rising dust and air pollution will have negative impacts on the children, the elderly or just people in general. There is not sanitation for water as the woman on the far right is gathering water from a tap which will later be used for both drinking and household purposes. Looking more clearly, you will see litter and pollution, both land, water and air. But regardless, this is how Nepal is surviving.

In my eyes, Nepal is a warrior in itself. To persistently flourish under these given circumstances is beyond mind blowing. Nepal is a very poor developing country which many people aren’t aware of because there is hardly any Nepal based campaigns. People see Nepal as dirty, polluted underdeveloped country, where I beg to differ.

How many places can you find where people of the community come out most evenings and spend time together? Neighbours are practically family and in this, Nepal is the richest. The developed countries cannot achieve this sense of trust within the society because each is blinded by their own problems. However, Nepal can see they face their troubles together. And through these difficult times, they have found what is yet to be discovered in Britain or America or any other major countries. They have found a community that is home.

So although Nepal may not have the most money, or the best football team, or the latest technology and they face water shortages every day, and black outs most evenings, and their streets are not side walks, but marbles and stones, Nepal is richer than most of the developed countries.

There lies the beauty and the beast of Nepal intertwined.

Suzuki Writes.


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6 komentářů »

  • phonon napsal/a:

    "So although Nepal may not have the most money, or the best football team, or the latest technology…"
    I enjoyed reading your post, and that sentence impressed me. Yes, it’s not important at all how rich or famous the country is, much more important seems to be how the people are
    happy there… Have you been to Nepal? I’m only planning it… about 2 years ;)

  • suzuki (author) napsal/a:

    [b]@ phonon[/b]:

    thank you :) yes, i’m originally from Nepal.
    enjoy your stay there!

  • Rupesh napsal/a:

    [b]@ phonon[/b]: WHAT??? "Not even the smallest helping hand?" You must NOT be in Nepal. Nepal may be poor, but we also recieve over US$ 300 millions from many INGOs EVERY YEAR – in aid for food, agricultural, sanitation, health, and more. The problem is that our citizens are stuck in the 1950′s and cannot understand that what they are given is a gift TO BE CHERISHED and use to improve our country. Instead we cannot even agree on a government without impunity and corruption. Only WE the young and newly educated can change our country for the better. Nepal is NOT surviving – we are dying under ethnic, religious, and caste discrimination and domination – WE ARE ALL HUMANS – EQUAL. But we are also ALL responsible for our actions – yes, we have good community – but you are mistaken if ‚community‘ is what makes us rich unless you believe in keeping to ethnic, religious and caste based societies. Just read newspaper to see honor killing, killing ‚witches’, kidnappings, land grabs, and call for ethnic federal republics – WE ARE NEPALIS FIRST AND NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES AS ONE – and use that $300 million we get for free for good and not let it get lost in corruption

  • suzuki (author) napsal/a:

    [b]@ Rupesh[/b]:

    im sorry that i haven’t made myself more specific, i meant to say the helping hand from within the country and the government to lead us into a better path for the future of the country. If this was made to be incorrect, i apologize as i am using all the knowledge i have from the 16 years i’ve been a Nepalese.
    But as the last statement states, I was trying to show both the negative and the positive which people like yourself cannot see, that Nepal does have something which other ‚major‘ countries do not.
    The passage which I have written can be seen in many prespectives. unfortuantely, you have only pointed out the negative which i did not wish to portray.

  • Rerto Jordans napsal/a:

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  • Mui Panda napsal/a:


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