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Child Prostitution- Nepal

6 Únor 2011 2 Comments

Child Prostitution is a form of sexual abuse, where a child performs services of prostitution for financial benefit.

Every year, approximately 10,000 Nepalese girls between the age of 9 and 16 are sold to brothels in India. They are trafficked often with the cooperation of government officials. There are many sex trades, and a significant one is of Nepalese boys taken from their country and sold in brothers all over India. A Nepalese boy of age 14 who escaped revealed he had been sold into slavery, locked up, beaten, starved and forcibly circumcised. There are now 100,000 Nepalese women prostituting in India. After India, Hong-Kong is the second biggest market for trafficked Nepalese women. But Nepal itself also consists of child prositution where out of every 440 prostitutes in Kathmandu, 30% are children.

Most parents sell their daughters, whilst husbands get rid of their young wives for $200-$600, depending on their appearance.

There are children right now, at this very second, which of whom are being forced to commit sexual activities; some being torn away from their homes, and some being sold by their own parents. At such a young age, they enter a world of corruption and undergo pain that many of us are not able to empathize with. People choose to exploit and destory the innocence of such vulnerable children for their own gratification. These young children are targeted due to poverty, lust, horrifically grotesque mind-set of people – none of which is the child’s fault. They are being preyed on by these sick monsters, yet some of us still cannot hear their cries. Some have given up hope for a better life.

A Nepalese girl working as a prostitute in India mentioned she no longer tries to escape, knowing if she returned, her family will not accept her as she has been robbed of her purity and honour. Was this through any fault of her own? It was not. It was through the faults of the sick, twisted, and greedy. There are thousands of girls like her; every second, a hope is lost; a spark disappears. Give them back their hope and give them back their faith in society and humanity. We may be fighting but we will not have fought enough until no child will have to undergo such cruelity. 

If you’re wondering how you can help, you can donate to help stop child sex trafficking to foundations such as Saved by Nails. If you are unable to, simply telling other people will help raise awareness of this issue. Let us come together and stop this cruelty once and for all. 


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2 komentářů »

  • Alice deSilva Lágo napsal/a:

    There are horrible things happening in our world…

  • Jeanett Lubahn napsal/a:

    That’s a horrible fact. We should care more for other people. Especially for kids.

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