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poem by Phil ccniceguy2

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Nous ne vivons pas
paysage s’habilleet j’tiens à prendreses paroles
paysage qui chantela nôtre pas de chevaux muets
c6 cowboy © flickr.com

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ButterflybySonya Hartnett
donwload the full chapter in PDF HERE
Copyright © Sonya Hartnett, 2009
All rights reservedPenguin Books Ltd
This is a limited extract from ButterflyTo find out more please visit www.penguin.co.uk
Plum is soon to turn fourteen, and one evening she stands in frontof a mirror with her school dress around her ankles, her bodyreflected naked and distressing in the glass. If her reflection is truethen she has gone about in public like this – this thick black hairhugging her face like a sheenless scarf; these greasy cheeks withtheir evolving crop of scarlet lumps; …

„O chytré ženské je nouze. Konečně o chytré mužské zrovna tak.“ Jan Werich