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[6 Úno 2011 | 2 komentářů | ]

Child Prostitution is a form of sexual abuse, where a child performs services of prostitution for financial benefit.
Every year, approximately 10,000 Nepalese girls between the age of 9 and 16 are sold to brothels in India. They are trafficked often with the cooperation of government officials. There are many sex trades, and a significant one is of Nepalese boys taken from their country and sold in brothers all over India. A Nepalese boy of age 14 who escaped revealed he had been sold into slavery, locked up, beaten, starved …

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Blur. It was like someone photoshopped the world around her with the blur effect. Like an infant, she used the back of her loose fisted knuckles in attempt to escape this dementia. Above her iris rested an opaque sheet of sleep from which she wished to free herself so she carried on rubbing. That is, until she felt the sleep give way. There was wetness escaping her tear duct and as she freed herself from imprisonment of the haze, radiant colours welcomed her sight back. Unclenching her fist, she lifted it before …

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[22 Říj 2010 | 3 komentářů | ]

Journey into the uttermost concealed segment of this eccentric mindset of mine.Surrounded by a cicle of the magnificent red carnation bush, there stands smugly an ice scuplture, designed for the sole purpose of representing me. It is of my life and I find it freshly twinkling amongst the stars in the night sky. I look around… and that’s when I become conscious of it. I’m surrounded in obscurity.
I ponder of the coming conclusion; find that given at any moment, darkness will prevail. The night transforms to morning, where the grey …

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[20 Čer 2010 | 6 komentářů | ]

Picture (c) www.nepal-pictures.com [Khokana, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal]

Nepal has thrived on the little resources in its isolation from the world. No one takes notice because there’s always a poorer country, or a place with bigger problems. But as we fail to acknowledge and provide Nepal with the smallest helping hand, we do not realize that these problems will grow as a cancerous tumour in the body of the Earth and it is only when it’s too late to save that we will finally dust the haze from our eyes and notice that …

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Suzuki Limbu ©2010

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Spring is a beautiful thing
You shouldn’t diry it
You see the birds
Flying and singing
And the telephones ringing
A lot of commotion coming
From the ocean locomotion.

Flowers blooming
And radios booming
This is what Spring is all about.
- Keontay Jeffery Rosario
1993-2005 Rest In Peace
May angels lead you in.

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[30 Bře 2010 | 4 komentářů | ]

It is nature that beholds all beauty in forms of art that inspires and motivates us in our strive to become the person we want to be, to fulfil the dreams we envision in our reverie.
Nature is Inspiration.

Suzuki Limbu ©2010

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[27 Bře 2010 | 4 komentářů | ]

The beautiful Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.
I got the photo from wikipedia and used the Gimp software to edit this.

Suzuki Limbu ©2010

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[20 Bře 2010 | 2 komentářů | ]

In centuries to come, we will proudly discover
A cure for misery, sorrow, depression
A remedy to hatred, jealousy, anger
With this knowledge, our minds freshened.
Every heart shall be mended
And filled with eternal bliss,
A day where all can be trusted
The dream I have is this.
Light starts to overcome darkness,
Wrongs begin to be righted,
Standing proud of the made progress,
Moving forward to a life no longer hated.
This vision pours into me as night starts,
Surging through to fill the cracks,
The fractures that drench my weary heart
Into the morning I float back.
As dawn breaks, I’m no …

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[14 Bře 2010 | 4 komentářů | ]

de·lir·i·um (d-lîr-m) n. pl. de·lir·i·ums or de·lir·i·a 1. A temporary state of mental confusion and fluctuating consciousness resulting from high fever, intoxication, shock, or other causes. It is characterized by anxiety, disorientation, hallucinations, delusions, and incoherent speech.

Suzuki Limbu ©2010

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