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[30 Pro 2010 | Zatím bez komentáře | ]

Dear readers – chers lecteurs – milí čtenáři!
We wish you Happy New Year!
Bonne Année!
Šťastný Nový rok!

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[28 Pro 2010 | Zatím bez komentáře | ]

Christmas poem and movie…

The poem is written by Bethany Roberts (http://www.bethanyroberts.com/LegendoftheCat.htm). Music CC Van Syla – What is Love (The Age of Innocence, 2009) by Jamendo

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Blur. It was like someone photoshopped the world around her with the blur effect. Like an infant, she used the back of her loose fisted knuckles in attempt to escape this dementia. Above her iris rested an opaque sheet of sleep from which she wished to free herself so she carried on rubbing. That is, until she felt the sleep give way. There was wetness escaping her tear duct and as she freed herself from imprisonment of the haze, radiant colours welcomed her sight back. Unclenching her fist, she lifted it before …

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[7 Pro 2010 | 1 komentář | ]

Literární soutěž pro všechny, kdo chtějí získat trochu zkušeností ze světa a potkat se s básníky a prozaiky z celé Evropy!
III. Activist Poetry Festival ART ATTACK Call for Participation
Topic: Children
Cultural association “Manifest” is launching the third edition of the international poetry contest “Art Attack”. The festival uses engaged literature as a form with the possibility of affecting public opinion and introducing positive changes in the society. After two successful editions, the festival has spread across over twenty different countries around the world and was recognized by …

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International Poetry Competition Castello Di Duino- VII Edition- 2011
Deadline January, 7th 2011
      The competition is open to young people under 30 years of age.
      Participation is free.
Theme of the 7th Edition- 2011
Phisical world, Mind, Soul: Horizons as metaphor of travels and crosswalk, of borders, limits and openness….

It is possible to participate in one or both following sections:


Participants have to send only one unpublished , never prized poem …

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[22 Říj 2010 | 3 komentářů | ]

Journey into the uttermost concealed segment of this eccentric mindset of mine.Surrounded by a cicle of the magnificent red carnation bush, there stands smugly an ice scuplture, designed for the sole purpose of representing me. It is of my life and I find it freshly twinkling amongst the stars in the night sky. I look around… and that’s when I become conscious of it. I’m surrounded in obscurity.
I ponder of the coming conclusion; find that given at any moment, darkness will prevail. The night transforms to morning, where the grey …

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[8 Říj 2010 | Zatím bez komentáře | ]

„Cambridge, MA – December 1, 2009 – The SEVEN Fund is pleased to announce the ‘I Am an Entrepreneur’ photography competition. This competition recognizes the outstanding use of photography to tell compelling stories of role model entrepreneurs from around the world. Anyone is welcome to participate in this competition. The competition will award twelve (12) prizes, one per month, over a period of one year. Each month, one finalist will be selected and will receive a prize of $100. The grand prize winner …

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[30 Zář 2010 | Zatím bez komentáře | ]

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October 2nd is quickly approaching! If you haven’t RSVP’d for our London fundraising event, now is the time!

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[11 Zář 2010 | 1 komentář | ]

Get Involved Now in the Sea of Words Literary Contest  
Dear all,
The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) have the pleasure to announce the launch of the Third Edition of the Sea of Words Literary Competition. 
We encourage the production of short stories that portray the different realities of the Euro-Mediterranean region from the point of view of the young people who live there, through the organisation of a Euro-Med short story competition.  
This year, the theme is justice, equality and inclusion in the …

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[22 Srp 2010 | 1 komentář | ]

If you look out of your car you’ll see them – waving hair and burning wings – on caracara there’s flying by: a capybara
Dario Sanches © flickr.com

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