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[8 Říj 2011 | Zatím bez komentáře | ]

Laureats of the Nobel Prize according to countries. We’d like to offer you later some of the works of these great writers at Lacadalet. It’s unbelievable that some great countries like Canada have a lot of Nobel prizes but no one in literature. On the other hand, there’s quiet a lot of very small countries whose the only one Nobel prize is in literature. One can probably say why this happens…

Albert Camus*, Born in then French Algeria, 1957


Patrick White, born in the United Kingdom, 1973


Elfriede Jelinek, 2004


Maurice Maeterlinck, 1911

Bosnia and …

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[28 Čec 2011 | 2 komentářů | ]

Sbírka školních potřeb pro chudé děti z Konga D.R. se úspěšně završila. Balík školních potřeb od vás všech nyní letí přes moře a hory k potřebným dětem.
V nejbližších dnech podáme bližší zprávy, fotografie a doufejme že i zážitky místních dětí!
Balík školních potřeb převezeme pan M.Kaneru:
„Dear Lacadalet Magazine,
II am Father (priest) Michel Mivunguba Kaneru, member of Order of Saint Augustine. In Congo DR we work in the poor areas. We have many schools. Your intention to help ours schools is very interesting. For now I propose you 2 …

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[6 Úno 2011 | 2 komentářů | ]

Child Prostitution is a form of sexual abuse, where a child performs services of prostitution for financial benefit.
Every year, approximately 10,000 Nepalese girls between the age of 9 and 16 are sold to brothels in India. They are trafficked often with the cooperation of government officials. There are many sex trades, and a significant one is of Nepalese boys taken from their country and sold in brothers all over India. A Nepalese boy of age 14 who escaped revealed he had been sold into slavery, locked up, beaten, starved …

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